Webelos - I
Quapaw Area Council - Boy Scouts Of America - Pow-Wow 98


Webelos - I Class Handouts

Webelos Planning Guide (planning.pdf - 12)
Webelos-To-Scout Plan (w2s_plan.pdf - 4)
Webelos-To-Scout Plan Evaluative Questions (w2s_eval.pdf - 4)
Webelos Activity Pin Requirements (require.pdf - 4)
Webelos Badge / Arrow Of Light / Activity Pin Spreadsheet (spreadst.pdf - 23)
Cub Scouting And Your Family (parent.pdf - 3)
Dutch Oven Cooking (cooking.pdf - 16)
Heavy Shoulder Award Certificate (certify.pdf - 1)
Instructions for Constructing an Arrow of Light Palque (arrow.htm - 8)
Webelos Assimilation Program (assimil.pdf - 2)
Checklist For Webelos' Scout Troop Visit (troopvst.pdf - 1)
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