There is something you can do!

Here is a list of activities that you can choose from to show your support. There is something for all levels of participation, from quick and easy to more in-depth.

1. Send an E-mail to the City Board of Directors expressing your support FOR the proposed ordinances as presented by the L.R. Task Force ~~ (Please send us a carbon copy (cc) E-mail to~~ )

2. Tell your friends, family, and neighbors about this issue.  Give them a chance to make a difference.  Give them this website address. Publish it in the newsletters of your organizations.

3. Call the City Board of Directors and state, “I want to go on record in support of the proposed ordinances of the Land Alteration and Landscape Ordinance Review Task Force.”  The phone number is 371-4510.

4. Attend the meetings of the citizens action group that sponsors this site.  The group is called Citizens FOR the Land Alteration Ordinances and meets every Tuesday night at 7:00 p.m. at the Second Presbyterian Church located at 600 Pleasant Valley Drive, Little Rock, Room 63.  (At the intersection of I-430 and Cantrell Road.) These one-hour meetings are well organized and serve the purpose of campaigning for the ordinances. Come and meet other people who feel strongly about the quality of life in Little Rock. All are welcome.

5. Develop calling and E-mailing lists of people that you personally talk to about this issue. When there is a fast evolving event on this issue you can keep them informed.

6. Attend the meetings of the  Planning Commission.  We need people there saying they support the proposed laws. The Planning Commission currently feels that relatively few people care about this issue.  The meetings are listed below and on the Bulletin Board page.

7. Attend the meeting of the City Board of Directors (not scheduled yet). There is nothing so powerful as a large group of people standing together in support of one issue.  When our City Board looks before them and sees this, it will be hard for them not to pass the ordinances.  The more people who are in favor of these ordinances and who are present at this meeting, the more likely the ordinances will pass.  The Board has asked, “Where are the people who support this?”  The City Board meets on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday night of each  month at 6:00 p.m., City Hall Board Room, 500 West Markham, 2nd floor.

8. Round up interested people to attend these meetings.  Tell friends, family and co-workers about this issue and ask them to show their support by attending these meetings.  The more people who know about this issue the more support we will receive. 

9. Book the Task Force slide show presentation to clubs and groups.  What group do you belong to that would like to know how they can change our city for the better?  A description of the slide show is available.

10. Write a letter to the newspaper expressing your opinion on the need for strong preservation ordinances. When writing, include your name, residence address, and day-time phone number for verification. Letters can be faxed to the Democrat/Gazette attn: "Voices" 374-4765, or the Arkansas Times at 375-3623

Democrat/Gazette attn: " "Voices"
PO Box 2221
Little Rock, AR, 72203
Arkansas Times
201 E. Markham St.
Little Rock, AR 72201

11. Write a letter or a postcard expressing your support to the Little Rock Board of Directors, City Hall, 500 West Markham St., Little Rock, AR, 72201.

12. Stay informed by reviewing our website Bulletin Board and by adding it to your 'Favorites.' For convenience, you can make a new folder called "Weekly Favorites" to place it in and easily check back often. Stay informed by subscribing to the treesandhills E-newsletter.


Please write to both the City Board and the Planning Commission at City Hall, 500 West Markham, Little Rock, 72201. Copies will be forwarded to all members of each body.

If you call your representative personally, that will be even more effective.

Mayor Jim Dailey - 371-4510 (O)

Johnnie Pugh, Ward 1, 661-1663 (H)

Willie Hinton, Ward 2, 666-8993 (H)

Larry Lichty, Ward 3, 664-8450 (H)

Brad Cazort, Ward 4, 223-2850 (H)

Michael Keck, Ward 5, 224-7755 (H)

Genevieve Stewart, Ward 5, 568-5342 (H)

B.J.Wyrick, Ward 7, 455-4701 (H)

Dean Kumppuris, Position 8, 666-0249 (O)

Dean Paul Kelly, Position 9, 227-8618 (H)

Joan Adcock, Position 10, 565-6098 (H)

Hugh Earnest, Chairman, Little Rock Planning Commission, 371-4790 (O)

The Loudest Voices Will Be Heard .

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.  Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." --- Margaret Mead

The Citizens FOR the Land Alteration Ordinances sponsor this website.

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